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About The Paper Mouse

The Paper Mouse Shop and Event Space
 The Paper Mouse is a shop and event space located in the heart of West Newton Square. We are a cozy nook for exploration and discovery. Specializing in curated stationery and gifts, our shop features a pen and pencil bar, notebooks in every shape and size, and playful goodies that inspire curiosity. Our imaginatively-decorated event space offers inspiring workshops, private parties, and space rentals for all needs.

Why a mouse?

The Paper Mouse is named for Jenny, who was born in the Year of the Mouse. Our shop is all about helping you find your niche, and mice are a perfect representation of this! Not only do they live in small spaces, they also fill an important ecological niche as the link between plants and predators in many ecosystems. We all have a soft spot for these tiny creatures, who are often characterized as helper figures in stories. We’re here to help guide you!