Writing the Red Carpet

Penelope Paper: Good evening, and welcome! This is Penelope Paper, and I’m here live with Cal Ligraphy at the 2022 Red Carpet. This is the night we’ve all been waiting for, when the stars come out and we hear about the year’s best movies. We’re here at the red carpet to show you all the big names and bold looks you love.

Cal Ligraphy: That’s right, Penny, and what a night it will be! We’ll be seeing some of the biggest names in Hollywood, from movie royalty to rising stars. And speaking of rising stars, I see an up-and-coming young celebrity walking our way! Here comes Scribe, dressed in a stunning blue gown by Ferris Wheel Press. She’s new to the red carpet this year, but she already looks right at home.

Ferris Wheel Press Scribe ballpoint pen in Forget-Me-Not Blue

Penelope Paper: That’s right, Cal, and I absolutely love this look by Ferris Wheel Press. That blue chiffon suits Scribe so well, and look at her fabulous gold headdress! She wears it with so much confidence, it’s like she’s done this a million times before.

Cal Ligraphy: She made a splash on the big screen this year, and we’re all excited to see what comes next from this young lady.

Penelope Paper: And here comes a couple that always dresses to impress! It’s 2000, dressed tonight in a classic black tux by Lamy, and Vega, who’s wearing a blue sequined gown designed by Sailor.

Sailor Vega and Lamy 2000

Cal Ligraphy: I have to say, Penny, 2000 is looking very sharp tonight. He’s had a difficult time with his health this year, and it’s so good to see him back on the red carpet.

Penelope Paper: You’re right, Cal. It’s so great to see him here, and looking better than ever. And Vega, of course, is one of the queens of the screen. She and 2000 will be among the presenters at tonight’s awards ceremony.

Cal Ligraphy: And here comes Corita! This all-female pop singing group has been taking the world by storm.

Blackwing Volume 93 Corita Kent

Penelope Paper: They’re dressed this evening in matching outfits by Blackwing. I love those white suits with a big splash of color. And when they line up together they form a rainbow. Such a bold and graphic look.

Cal Ligraphy: They’ll be performing at tonight’s ceremony, of course. I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store for us.

Penelope Paper: And here comes Briolette walking up the red carpet! You can always count on Briolette to wear something fabulous, and she doesn’t disappoint this year. You could spot her from a mile away.

Benu Luminous Dream

Cal Ligraphy: That’s right, Penny, and you’ll still be able to see her when the lights go down! This eye-popping gown from designer Benu actually glows in the dark.

Penelope Paper: Benu clearly designed this with Briolette’s flair in mind. The violet and turquoise satin are so bright and bold, and she’s positively dripping with diamonds. She really knows how to make a statement.

Cal Ligraphy: Speaking of making a statement, here comes Squire, in a bright gold suit by Baronfig.

Baronfig Squire Brass

Penelope Paper: He’s got a real sense of style. I love those bell-bottoms. 

Cal Ligraphy: This is Squire’s third time being nominated for Best Actor, and he’s such a talented actor. I think this is going to be his year.

Penelope Paper: And now Metropolitan is heading our way. I have to say, I love to see a woman rocking a tuxedo on the red carpet. She’s really pulling off this glamorous red tux designed by Pilot. The diamond patterned cummerbund just made my day.

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop in Red

Cal Ligraphy: Penny, I love this look. Metropolitan is such a class act. 

Penelope Paper: And right behind her is another power couple. Here are Studio and Liliput walking up together, and of course they’re both veterans of the red carpet.

Kaweco Liliput and Lamy Studio

Cal Ligraphy: That’s right, and they’re looking glamorous tonight. Studio is wearing Lamy this evening, and Liliput’s gown is by Kaweco.

Penelope Paper: They’re proving once again that sometimes a classic look is the classiest of all. They could be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers coming up the red carpet. I love the way that gold silk flows when Liliput walks. 

Cal Ligraphy: And here comes Vac Iris behind them. That’s quite an outfit, Penny.

TWSBI Vac 700R Iris

Penelope Paper: My goodness. This dress really leaves nothing to the imagination, does it, Cal?

Cal Ligraphy: Talk about making an entrance. I can practically hear Twitter blowing up right now. 

Penelope Paper: This look was designed for her by TWSBI, and if anyone could pull it off, it’s Vac Iris. People will be talking about this one tomorrow.

Cal Ligraphy: Well, you’re right about that.

Penelope Paper: And here comes Vanishing Point, dressed in Pilot. My goodness—is that snakeskin?

Pilot Vanishing Point Blue Carbonesque

Cal Ligraphy: I don’t know, but he’s really making a statement with that suit, Penny.

Penelope Paper: It’s a daring look, but I think he pulls it off. Of course, Vanishing Point would look good in just about anything.

Cal Ligraphy: He sure would. I know I couldn’t pull off that suit. 

Penelope Paper: And here comes Special AL with Bohemian Art. This young couple is giving us a classy finish to the evening.

Kaweco Special and Online Bohemian Art

Cal Ligraphy: Special AL is looking very dapper in a red velvet suit by Kaweco. And Bohemian Art is dressed in a pearly white silk gown by Online.

Penelope Paper: She looks just like a dream in that dress, Cal. 

Cal Ligraphy: Well, thanks for joining us on the red carpet as we get ready for the biggest night in Hollywood! We can’t wait to see what the evening brings.


  • Malick Ghachem

    this is fantastic!

  • Joan

    Wonderful! I’m imagining how much fun you all had getting ready in make-up and wardrobe. Inspiring!

  • Linda Matchan

    This is brilliant!
    Congratulations to everyone on the red carpet! You’re all winners!

  • Janet Eckstrom

    Imagination and creativity at its best. Thank you. My pilot and I are taking notes.

  • Michelle

    Clever! I give this post 5-STARS!

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