Spotlight: Maileg Toys

A beloved brand at The Paper Mouse, and one that we’ve carried since our shop’s early days, is Danish toy company Maileg. Maileg is best known for their utterly charming mouse toys, which of course we find irresistible. But though we’re particularly avid mouse fans, we’re not the only ones who love them. Maileg is one of the most popular brands we carry, adored by children and parents (and plenty of adults, too!).

Maileg features the work of Danish designer Dorthe Mailil. Their toys use natural materials, and they are made to last and be cherished, shared, and handed down. Each toy is handmade or hand-finished, so each one has a unique character. Their philosophy is that with fewer, better-made toys, children's minds can open to new stories and innovative ways to play that will serve them well through life.

Maileg is surely doing something right, because the quality and charm of their toys seems to have a magnetic pull for visitors to our shop. These are timeless, whimsical toys with outsized personalities. Their mice have beds inside of matchboxes, or come tucked in tiny suitcases, or wear imaginative outfits that invite playful storytelling. Maileg toys are also produced in limited editions, so their cast of characters is always changing, and they make great collectibles.

If your mouse friends need a wash, Maileg recommends hand washing them with mild soap or machine washing on a gentle cycle with cold water, then air drying. Once the toy dries, give it a little massage to get its body back to its original shape and form.

Check out Maileg’s new collection at The Paper Mouse! Maileg toys make great holiday gifts for young ones in your life. Their mouse toys are recommended for ages 3+, and they also make some larger soft toys that are friendly for younger folks.

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  • Jean Gao

    Hi Terry, thanks for the message, and sorry to hear about the slipper! We’ll be in touch by email.

  • Terry Eisenberg

    Hello…Can you please let me know if you have any Maileg hangers available for me to purchase? Also, my granddaughters new puppy ate a single slipper of the Mum mouse! Do you have any slippers I can buy so my granddaughter willl not be sad anymore?
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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