What's the Big Deal about Limited Editions

Maybe you were eyeing a special pen or pencil, and then discovered a month later that it was gone for good. Or maybe you’ve seen people getting super excited about a brand new notebook and you don’t get what all the hype is about. So what are limited editions anyway, and why do companies produce them?

Brands create limited editions to be collector’s items, to celebrate special anniversaries or milestones, or sometimes just to keep their product line fresh. Stationery products in particular are often consumable, so limited editions can be a fun way to enjoy a beloved brand’s product over time while still experiencing something fresh and new.

Just like a rare antique book or a limited-run print by an artist, limited-edition products feel more precious because of their rarity. It may seem surprising that something as quotidian as a pencil or a memo book could be considered a collector’s item, but just like baseball cards or stamps, the beauty is in the object’s ephemerality. If you love pencils or pens, collecting limited editions can be a way to indulge that appreciation. We love that limited editions of everyday tools make collecting an achievable hobby for many people. (Although, as with baseball cards or stamps, a hobby that starts out affordable can get expensive if you go looking for sold-out past editions!)


For a brand, limited editions offer a chance to push the limits on the products they offer. Creating an innovative product that’s totally different from previous editions comes with a risk, and producing a limited run is a chance for brands to get playful and take a chance on their wildest ideas - which means more fun for their customers. It also provides an opportunity for consumers to offer feedback and help shape a brand. Some companies end up creating permanent products inspired by some of their most popular limited editions after feedback from their customers.

Check out our limited edition collection to see some of our favorite limited-edition products! Do you have a limited-edition product that you treasure? Let us know in the comments below!

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