Problem-Solving Stationery, Part 2

Back in 2021, we wrote about problem-solving stationery: useful tools that are cleverly designed to smooth away little daily irritations, the kind of small problems that are often invisible to us because we’ve grown so accustomed to them. Good design is all about elegant solutions to these kinds of problems, and at The Paper Mouse, we’re big fans of well-designed stationery. Whether it’s notebooks that lie flat for more comfortable writing or paper that won’t feather and bleed with your favorite pens, we’re always looking for tools that make writing as enjoyable as possible.

The number of handy problem-solving tools in our shop has grown in the last couple of years, so we thought it was time to revisit the subject!  

Paper problems

Kokuyo One Patch Hole Reinforcer Stamp A clever stamp to reinforce hole-punched pages so they won’t tear out of your binder 

Waterproof Notebooks Paper that won’t buckle or tear if you get it wet

Harinacs Stapleless Staplers Staplers that crimp your pages together instead of using staples, so you don’t have to pry the staples out when it’s time to shred or recycle

Field Notes Expedition waterproof notebook | Harinacs Stapleless Stapler

Travel problems

Blackwing Pencil Point Guards Caps for your pencils so the points won’t break while in transit (they fit most standard wooden pencils).

Mini Scissors from Seki Tiny scissors that fit in any pencil case and won’t be confiscated on an airplane.

Punilabo Stand Up Pencil Case Pencil case that transforms into a standing pencil cup, so it’s always easy to find your tools.

Quadro 4-in-1 Pen and Stalogy 4-Functions Pen Multifunction pens with three ink colors and a pencil inside, so you don’t have to carry different writing tools.

Blackwing Point Guard | Cohana Mini Scissors | Punilabo Stand Up Pencil Case

Crafting problems

Gloo Rectangular Glue Stick Glue sticks with square corners, so you can glue straight-edged papers without making a mess on your desk.

Written Word Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen A calligraphy pen that’s both an oblique and straight nib holder, so you don’t need multiple tools.

Hikigiri Slim Scissors These scissors have a nonstick coating that lets you cut through tape without it getting stuck to the blades.

Written Word Dual Purpose Calligraphy Pen | Hikigiri Nonstick Scissors | Gloo Rectangular Glue Stick

Security problems

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen The ink in gel pens is resistant to check washing.

Guard Your ID Advanced Roller Use this stamp roller to cover up personal information on your documents before discarding them.

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen | PLUS Guard Your ID Advanced Roller

Check out our original Problem-Solving Stationery blog post for more handy tools, and browse the Problem-Solving Stationery collection to see them all in one place!


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