Tutorial: How to Make Woven Paper Stars

Decorate your home for the holidays with eight-pointed paper stars! These woven paper stars are a Scandinavian Christmas decoration, traditionally made with folded strips of fabric. 

For this tutorial, you’ll need: 

  • A pair of scissors
  • Four identical strips of paper, about 11” long. The width of the paper strips will determine the size of your finished star (it will be four times the width of your paper strips). Any size between a half inch wide to an inch wide will be comfortable to work with.
  • Thin paper or lightweight cardstock that folds easily will work well for these stars.

1. Start by folding your four strips of paper in half. 

2. Now you’ll begin weaving your folded strips of paper. Lay the first strip down in front of you, with the fold pointing to the left and the two loose ends pointing to the right. Take the second strip of paper, pointing the fold toward you. Open up the ends and sandwich the first strip inside of the second strip. 

3. Now take your third strip of paper, pointing the fold to the right. Open up the ends and sandwich the second strip of paper inside the third strip.

4. To complete your weaving, take the fourth strip of paper, pointing the fold away from you and the ends toward you. First, fold the fourth strip of paper around the third strip. Then slide the ends of the fourth strip into the loop of paper in the first strip you laid down. 

 5. Gently tug the ends of your four paper strips away from each other to tighten up your weaving. You should now have a pinwheel shape, with two flaps of paper sticking out of each side.

6. Now you’ll finish weaving the star. Beginning on the right side, lift the top flap of paper and fold it to the left, across the middle of the star.

7. Move clockwise around the star to the side closest to you. Lift the top flap of paper and fold it upwards, across the middle of the star.

8. Now do the same on the left side of the star, folding the top flap across and to the right.

9. Finally, you’ll fold down the flap at the top of the star. This time, tuck the end of the flap inside the loop of paper created by the first flap you folded. Pull it all the way through to complete the weaving.

10. Now it’s time to fold the points of the star. Choose a strip to start with and fold it down at a right angle, away from the center of the star. 

11. Flip the star over, and fold the same strip down at a right angle again, so that it forms a triangle shape. Try to leave a small gap running down the center of the triangle.

12. Now fold the triangle you just created in half, toward the center of the star, to create one of the star’s points.

13. Trim the excess length off the paper strip, leaving just a small tab. Cut the inside corner off this tab to make the final step easier.

14. To finish the point of your star, tuck the tab of paper into the center of the star.

15. Now you’ve learned all the steps of the woven paper star! Repeat steps 10-14, moving around the sides of the star until you’ve folded all eight points. 

16. You’re all done! String your paper stars onto a ribbon to create an ornament or garland, or tuck them into a holiday card to spread holiday cheer!



  • Cathy Carr

    I love these my daughter does them and she’s wonderful and I love her so much this makes me think of her.

  • Ange Riehl

    Thanks for the excellent instructions.. my high school Art Club kids are going to make them for the faculty for teacher appreciation week.

  • nancy

    these are wonderful. I have made one with zentangle design on them.

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