The Paper Mouse Letter Writing Challenge

The Paper Mouse Letter Writing Challenge

Celebrate National Letter Writing Month with us! We’ve put together a series of challenge prompts to inspire you to write more snail mail this month. Dust off your favorite pens and paper, and join in the fun!

Here’s how the challenge works: 

Download our printable challenge list below, and complete all ten letter writing challenges during the month of April. Fill out the log with the names of your letter recipients as you go. (First names are just fine - we respect your privacy!)

At the end of the month, snap a picture of your log and send it to us at Everyone who sends us their log by April 30th will be entered to win a prize: a set of our brand new Paper Mouse letter writing paper and our new stamp stickers (both launching on April 7!). There will be five lucky winners in this challenge!

Join us in the letter writing challenge and spread the joy of snail mail!

[ Click here to download the challenge log ]

2022 Letter Writing Month Challenge

  1. Decorate the envelope of a letter you send.
  2. Send a letter to a relative or friend you haven’t talked to recently.
  3. Send a letter to the person you talk to most often.
  4. Send someone a congratulations note.
  5. Tell a joke in a letter.
  6. Write a letter with a different tool than you normally use.
  7. Mail someone an article, poem, or piece of writing you enjoyed.
  8. Send someone a quiz or interview. Include a self-addressed envelope so they can send it back to you.
  9. Send a postcard to a favorite small business in your neighborhood.
  10. Send someone a tiny care package using items you find at home.

P.S. Need supplies? Check out our Letter Writing Collection!


  • Sarai Nichols

    Thanks so much for this awesome challenge! My 10 year old daughter and I are having lots of fun with it : )

  • Tricia Hinely

    I’m totally in! I’m already supplying some stationery from Paper Mouse to three ten year old girls to get them started with National Letter writing month. Great prompts. I don’t want to brag but I do everything on your list already, except postcard to small business and write with a different tool. I can happily do those too! Isn’t this fun?

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