Spotlight: The Little Red House

Notepads by The Little Red House

For back-to-school season, we’re featuring an artist whose work brings back the feeling of childhood! The Little Red House is a stationery company featuring the illustrations of Aggie Cheung, whose adorable animals charm everyone who sees them. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Aggie grew up dreaming of becoming a stationery designer. In college, she started out studying graphic design, but fell in love with drawing and painting during her studies and switched to illustration. She found work as a game designer and illustrator, creating concept art and animations for mobile games and other projects. But she didn’t forget her childhood dream, and the adorable characters she designed as an illustrator soon found their way onto greeting cards, stickers, wrapping paper, and more. 

Aggie’s mission with The Little Red House is to remind everyone of their childhood dreams and memories, and that’s exactly what drew the Paper Mouse team to her work. When Jenny and Victor first met her at the National Stationery Show, they were charmed by her mouse and bear illustrations (their favorite animals, respectively), and her sweet and funny images of animals eating steamed buns and drinking bubble tea made them think fondly of their childhoods. In 2020, they decided to bring The Little Red House products into the shop, and have found that customers love them just as much as they do! Aggie’s illustrations are joyful, funny, comforting, and relatable. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Aggie is always designing new items for The Little Red House, and her work continues to charm and delight us. If you’re looking for back-to-school supplies, we love her washi tapes, journals, sticky notes, and notepads, and we encourage you to check out all her adorable stationery!

See the Little Red House collection >

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