Spotlight: Sailor Pens

 Sailor Sound of Rain fountain pens

The Paper Mouse is proud to announce that we’re now a Sailor pen retailer! One of Japan’s “Big Three” pen companies, Sailor is known for their consistently high quality and their colorful pen designs.

Sailor Pens

Founded in 1911, Sailor was the first Japanese company to produce gold fountain pen nibs, and to this day they make their own nibs in house, a rarity for today’s pen manufacturers. Their 14k and 21k gold nibs have a reputation for quality, and in addition to standard sizes, they produce some special nib styles that are unique to their company. Their nibs have a pencil-like feedback sensation that gives the writer great control.

People love the quality and reliability of Sailor pens, but what really draws so many fountain pen lovers to use and collect them are the pen colors. Sailor frequently comes out with pens in new colors, and their many editions over the years have ranged from bright and saturated hues to soft, delicate colors to deep, dark shades.

Sailor pens come in classic shapes that are great for everyday writing. We’re carrying their Pro Gear Slim, a flat-topped pen that’s on the smaller side, comfortable for carrying around but still easy to hold and write with. We’re especially excited about the two limited edition series we are carrying: the Fairy Tale series, four pens inspired by Japanese fairy tales and flecked with metallic shimmers; and the Sound of Rain series, four pens in delicate matte colors inspired by the gentle sound of rain in all four seasons. These limited editions can be hard to find, so we’re honored to have them in our shop!

Sailor Inks

Sailor ink swatches
In addition to their pens, Sailor makes some lovely and interesting inks. We’re carrying some of their pigmented inks, which are permanent and water-resistant but still very pen-friendly and relatively easy to clean, as well as their Manyo collection, inspired by the Japanese plants and flowers mentioned in Japan’s oldest anthology of classical poetry. Several of the Manyo inks have shading properties that reveal multicolored undertones, while others have a metallic sheen.

Come visit our shop to test out Sailor’s seven different nib sizes, and browse our online collection to check out their pens and inks!

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