Spotlight: Platinum Pens

Japan is well-known for its “Big Three” automobile companies, but we’re more interested in its three biggest fountain pen companies: Sailor, Pilot, and Platinum. Of the three, Platinum is probably the least known here in the West, but this renowned fountain pen brand deserves a spotlight on its wonderful writing tools. Founded in 1919, it’s a company with long experience in making high quality pens.

We first began carrying Platinum pens in March 2021, when we wanted to bring some higher-end fountain pens into our shop and introduce more Japanese models. When we were researching and testing more sophisticated pens, Platinum was a natural choice. First and foremost: these pens write really well. They’re dependable, high quality pens that feel great to hold and write with. Platinum, like the other major Japanese brands, makes their nibs in-house, rare for pen manufacturers today. Their pens also feature their Slip and Seal cap design, which prevents ink from drying out for up to a year.

Platinum 3776 fountain pen

Platinum’s 3776 series is at the pinnacle of their pen designs. It’s named for Mt. Fuji, the highest peak in Japan, which stands 3776 meters high. These pens were the first gold nib fountain pens we carried in our shop, and they have a more cushioned feel than steel nibs. The 3776 nib writes with a bit more feedback than some fountain pens, giving them a similar feel to Sailor pens. They have a classic, elegant appearance.

Their Procyon series is named for one of the brightest stars in the sky. This pen is midrange in price, but top tier in quality. It’s a reliable and very smooth writer, with a large stainless steel nib and a sleek matte aluminum barrel. It also has a clever feed design that lets you refill the ink without submerging the whole nib, so you can use more of the ink in your bottle and avoid messes.


Platinum also makes one of the cooler-looking retractable fountain pens on the market: the Curidas, a translucent demonstrator pen with a distinctly modern vibe. 



Platinum doesn’t make only high-end pens: they’re also known for one of the best entry-level pens on the market. The Preppy, a standout pen that costs a mere $7, is one of the most popular fountain pens in our shop. It’s refillable, writes smoothly and consistently, and comes in fun colors with matching colored ink cartridges.


Finally, Platinum makes a great ink: their Carbon Ink, a water-resistant, lightproof black ink that’s beloved by artists and writers alike. It can be used with fountain pens, dip pens, and calligraphy brushes, and it’s great for important documents or mail that might get exposed to the elements.

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