Spotlight: Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press inks and Brush fountain pen

Curiously shaped glass bottles, inscribed with golden writing and topped with golden caps. Richly lacquered pens, engraved with intriguing glyphs. Sumptuously illustrated boxes, glimmering with gold foil. The creations of Ferris Wheel Press invariably draw the eye. 

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian stationery company that designs fabulous fountain pens, inks, and notebooks. Their ambition is to make you “fall in love with writing again,” and by all accounts, they’re doing it. More than simple writing tools, Ferris Wheel Press’s designs produce an experience: pick up one of their bottles or pens and you’re transported to a magical apothecary shop, a colorful carnival, a cluttered workshop filled with tiny instruments that each have their specific purpose. The company takes their design cues from old print shops, drawing on colors, materials, and shapes inspired by mechanical printing presses and typewriters. It gives their creations a sort of steampunk vibe that both takes you back in time and encourages you to dream about the future. 

The creators of Ferris Wheel Press, designer Deborah Lau-Yu and her partner Raymond Yu, have been creating fine stationery for years, but this company is a newcomer in the stationery world. It started with a Kickstarter campaign in 2018 to produce the beautiful Brush Fountain Pen, which was followed by more pens, stunning inks, and notebooks. Their mission is to create products that will last a lifetime and become keepsakes to be handed down, moving away from our culture’s mindset of disposability.

Our shop picked up their pens and inks in 2021, impressed with their exquisite visuals and range of ink colors. Since then, their inks have become some of the most popular ones in our shop, and customers have been falling in love with their beautiful pens. 

It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular! We love the sleek appearance, balanced weight, and carefully crafted details of their Brush Fountain Pens and Scribe Ballpoint Pens. Their inks come in beautiful colors and whimsical bottles, and we’ve been enjoying their ever-growing magical FerriTales collection of inks with captivating shading and shimmering properties.

Have you played with one of Ferris Wheel Press’s pens or inks yet? Check out our Ferris Wheel Press collection to see their beautiful creations!

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