Spotlight: Felix Doolittle

Photo courtesy of Felix Doolittle

Visitors to our shop are often drawn to our occasion card wall, which holds row upon row of illustrated cards that celebrate, sympathize, encourage, thank, and congratulate. The vast majority of the cards we carry come from Felix Doolittle, a local stationery company whose exquisite watercolor illustrations charm every visitor.

Founded in 2003 by illustrator Felix Fu and his wife, photographer Loren Sklar, Felix Doolittle stationery is based on Felix’s watercolor illustrations. There’s a reason Felix’s cards are so popular at our shop. His illustrations tell a story that is timeless and whimsical, poignant and funny. They can be serene landscapes that instill a sense of calm, wistful still lifes that transport you to a different time and place, touching moments between friends, or funny scenes of animals having a raucous party. They show a value for the past, but they’re never fusty. Many of Felix’s illustrations are inspired by nature, and there’s a spark of life in them that twinkles off the page.

Felix, who grew up in Hong Kong, is a self-taught artist. As a boy he developed the habit of hiding his tiny drawings behind a cupped hand so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his teachers and parents. As an adult living in Boston, Felix worked as a consultant in the restaurant industry, but he never stopped drawing and painting, teaching himself calligraphy and working on his drawings during quiet times in the day. In 2003, Felix and Loren decided to turn his passion and talent into a business and created their first illustrated notecards, which they brought to the National Stationery Show in New York City. Felix Doolittle has been growing ever since.

Felix Doolittle cards are printed locally, and they still make their personalized stationery and gifts by hand in their West Newton studio (just a few blocks away from our shop!). Felix and Loren are committed to quality and craftsmanship, and they choose every material with care and consideration. We especially love that they use paper suitable for writing with fountain pens! 

The Paper Mouse has been carrying Felix Doolittle stationery since Day One. Felix and Loren are dear friends of shop owners Victor and Jenny, and we adore their beautiful work. You’ll find Felix Doolittle products in every corner of our shop, from their cards to their gorgeous art prints, pocket mirrors, and bookmarks. In our shop we also carry their personalized return address labels, which make a beautiful gift!

Check out our Felix Doolittle collection to see more of Felix’s illustrations!


  • Mitch Murray

    It is always a joy to find unique, unusual and exquisite cards/stationary because letter writing and card writing is a dying art! For me, cards/stationary are an expression of me, much like the writing instrument I use to express my feelings/thoughts/emotions! Thank you for your wonderful inspirations!

  • Loren Sklar

    Thank you for such a beautifully written description of Felix’s work!

  • Linda Matchan

    This is such a lovely story!

  • Tricia Hinely

    What a lovely story of Mr. Doolittle’s journey. I enjoy looking at his creative work. It looks like the Paper Mouse and the Doolittles make great team. Keep it up. I’m a huge fan of beautiful stationary. I like your style and your variety.

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