Spotlight: Bottle Branch Stationery

One of the joys of being a neighborhood small business is getting to meet local artists and highlight their work. Among our favorite local companies is Bottle Branch, a botanical photography and paper goods business created by artist Elizabeth Hammond Pyle. We first met Elizabeth in 2019 and fell in love with her gorgeous arrangements of flowers and foliage, which seem to vibrate with color and energy and life.

Formerly a botanist who conducted research projects in places as far-ranging as the Bolivian Amazon, Puerto Rico, and northern Manitoba, Elizabeth uses botanical photography to share her love of the natural world and help others appreciate plant life in a new way. Her photography goes beyond everyday images of plants in the natural world: instead, she arranges petals, leaves, and berries in artful configurations that let us appreciate their shapes, colors, and textures with a fresh perspective. 

Bottle Branch creations remind us to take a closer look at the natural life surrounding us, and they teach us about the beauty and intricacy of native plants. Elizabeth includes plant identification information on the back of all her cards and notepads, a reminder that there is power in knowing and naming the natural world. 

We love how beautiful Elizabeth’s stationery is, and we’re also inspired by the way she backs it up with a commitment to sustaining and protecting plant life. Her work in environmental science informs her efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of producing stationery. All her products are packaged in biodegradable, compostable clear wrappers or recyclable paper packaging. All her cards are printed on recycled paper made with pulp from responsibly managed forests. And all the plants she uses for her photography are either homegrown, wild, or from local, sustainable flower farms - places that avoid harmful pesticides and herbicides. On top of all that, 15% of all profits from Bottle Branch stationery are donated to organizations that protect plants and the environments they grow in.

Check out our Bottle Branch collection to see more of Elizabeth’s gorgeous work! 

And join us on Saturday, October 2 for a special workshop where she’ll be teaching the art of arranging and photographing botanicals.

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