Reader Recommendations for National Book Month

As the leaves change color and the days get shorter, those of us who live in a cold climate start to feel a familiar sensation: a yearning for socks and sweaters, a craving for stews and soups, an urge to hunker down and hibernate. Conveniently, October is National Book Month, a designation that helps us obey this seasonal instinct. A celebration of the importance of reading, writing, and literature, National Book Month reminds us that it’s good to slow down, snuggle up, and take some time to read. To help you embrace this celebration, we’ve put together some recommendations of our favorite things to improve your reading life.

1. Things to help you while you’re reading

If you’re in the mood to read but you can’t see the words or find your place in your book, you’re bound to lose momentum. Here are a few recommendations for making your reading experience smooth and easy.

2. Things to make your environment snug

Cozy lighting, a blanket and some good snacks help create optimal reading conditions. We recommend the following for peak coziness.

3. Things to help you organize your reading life

Sometimes we want to give a book recommendation and we can’t remember what we’ve been reading, or we lend out a book and it never finds its way home again. Here are a couple of tools to help solve those problems.

4. Gifts for readers

If you need a gift for a bookworm in your life and they prefer to pick out their own literature, here are a couple of items to honor their love of reading.

5. Tools for authors

All that reading might have inspired you to try writing a book of your own - after all, November is National Novel Writing Month.

  • Haxley A write-your-own-story book with illustrations
  • C.D. Notebook A classic composition book for your next work of literature
  • Blackwing 602 Pencil Based on the original Blackwing pencil favored by John Steinbeck

We hope you take some time to pick up a book this month! And of course, you can check out our book collection if you’re looking for something to read.

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