Our Holiday Gift Guide, Part Two: Classics and Favorites from Our Shop

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Today, in Part Two of our holiday gift guide, we’re featuring some of the popular and beloved gifts at our shop that have become classics over the years. These are the proven winners that you can never go wrong with. We hope they’ll give you some inspiration this year! 

Writing Gifts

Baronfig Squire Rollerball

    Whenever someone tests out this pen in our shop, they inevitably go “Oooh.” It’s such a deliciously smooth writer, and its sleek shape, aluminum or brass finish, different color options, and gift box all make it highly giftable as well.

    Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen

      Speaking of really beautiful, giftable pens, Ferris Wheel Press’s Brush Fountain Pen is such a gorgeous specimen as well as a lovely writer. People love its gorgeous brass accents and intricately engraved brass grip, and it has a wonderful, comfortable weight and feel. 

      TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

        With a completely different but no less fabulous vibe, the TWSBI Eco fountain pen is one of our shop’s bestsellers. It’s a super appealing see-through demonstrator pen with a colorful cap that comes in a whole rainbow of different color options and really shows off the ink inside. It’s also a great writer at a more affordable price point, and makes a really fun gift.

        Diamine Inkvent Calendar

          Finally, for ink lovers, the Diamine Inkvent Calendar is such a fun gift that they can enjoy over the course of many days (and then many years to come). It’s filled with 25 bottles of ink, with brand new colors every year.

          Baronfig Squire rollerball pens in five colors Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen in five colors TWSBI Eco fountain pen in Saffron Yellow and Persian Green Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2023 Purple Edition

          Personal Accessories

          Peg and Awl Book Necklace

            These little handmade book necklaces are totally charming (you may have seen shop owner Jenny wearing hers!). They’re beautifully made and a little bit out of the ordinary, in the best way. If you have a reader in your life, a book necklace makes a thoughtful and lovely gift.

            Bellroy Wallets

              We can personally vouch for how awesome Bellroy wallets are, as several of our staff carry them. They’re slim, high quality, and thoughtfully designed, and will hold up well for years to come.

              Maileg Toys

                Maileg’s toy mice and accessories are forever favorites with our shop staff and customers! Both kids and playful adults adore them. A little mouse in a matchbox is a great gift for someone who’s new to the world of Maileg, and some of their ever-changing accessories are sure to be prized by a collector.

                Paper Mouse Tote Bag

                  If you or a loved one is a big Paper Mouse fan, then first of all, thank you—and second, we have a gift to recommend! We’re pretty fond of our Bright Days Ahead tote bag, featuring our flying mouse logo, and we’ve been delighted to see that it’s a big hit with our customers too. It’s a great gift for a Paper Mouse lover!

                  Peg and Awl book necklaces Bellroy Wallets Maileg Paper Mouse Tote Bag

                  Desktop and Decor

                  Pampshade Bread Lamps

                    A quirky shop favorite that always stops people in their tracks is the Pampshade batard bread lamp we have hanging on our wall. It’s made of real bread! It’s definitely a conversation piece that people love, but beyond that, it also casts a beautiful warm glow that makes the whole room feel cozy. It’s one of our more unusual gifts, and also one of our favorites!

                    Replug Moon Calendar

                      We can hardly keep the Moon Calendar in stock each year because it’s such a beloved item. The clean and simple design, soft colors, and subtle embossing make this such a special calendar! If you know anyone who likes to keep track of the phases of the moon, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

                      Brass Birdie Letter Opener

                        The creative and colorful plastic Birdie letter opener is always a favorite gift in our shop, and the solid brass version is the next level up, both a piece of sculpture and a useful daily tool. It does its job as a letter opener beautifully, the weight of the brass feels great in your hand, and it also looks gorgeous balanced on a desk.

                        Eastern Accent Candles

                          These beautiful element candles, named for Fire, Water, Air, Sky, and Earth, are always popular in the shop for their lovely and natural scents that aren’t too overpowering. They’re beautifully packaged and make a lovely relaxing gift to bring a little light to the darkest part of the year.

                          Pampshade Bread Lamps Replug Moon Calendar H Concept Brass Birdie Letter Opener Eastern Accent Candles

                          Notebooks and Stationery

                          Traveler’s Notebook

                            You’ve almost certainly heard us talk about it before, but the Traveler’s Notebook can’t be missed in any roundup of our favorite gifts! It’s such a beautiful notebook with its leather covers and thoughtfully designed accessories. But the biggest reason it makes such a great gift is that it’s highly customizable, with different refills and add-ons that your giftee can use to personalize the notebook in the way that’s most useful to them.

                            Apica Premium Notebooks

                              For sheer paper quality and smoothness, Apica Premium notebooks can’t be beat. We’ve been carrying these in our shop for many years and they’re always popular, especially with fountain pen users.

                              Oblation Inspiration Journals

                                If you’re looking for a really classy notebook to gift, we always like to recommend Oblation’s beautiful Inspiration Journals, featuring handmade paper covers with inspirational quotations letterpress printed on the front.

                                Wearingeul Ink Color Swatch Book

                                  Finally, if you know someone who loves writing with fountain pens and has a collection of beautiful bottled inks, Wearingeul’s ink swatch book is a wonderful gift to let them catalog their collection of ink colors.

                                  TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK Apica CD Premium Notebooks Oblation Inspiration Journals Wearingeul Ink Swatch Book

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