Our Holiday Gift Guide, Part Three: Stocking Stuffers

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Today, in the third and final part of our 2023 holiday gift guide, check out a few of our favorite stocking stuffers and small gifts. Our shop is full of cute and tiny things that are perfect to slip into a stocking!

Writing Tools

In the shop we have a zillion writing tools, and we don’t like to play favorites. We love them all, from inexpensive colorful ballpoints and slick mechanical pencils to the fanciest fountain pen. Writing tools make great stocking stuffers (in our stationery-obsessed opinion): they’re small, useful, affordable, and often great fun.

We won’t say these six writing tools are our favorites (we wouldn’t want any hurt feelings amongst the inventory), but we can wholeheartedly recommend them for being useful, popular, and super fun! 

  1. Begoody Flexible Pencils: Bright and bendy!
  2. Sofun Wiggle Pens: They jiggle while you write
  3. Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens: A super-smooth writing bestseller
  4. Zebra Mildliner Highlighters: Soft and colorful, great for journaling 
  5. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens: An excellent, affordable beginner fountain pen
  6. Ohto Sharp Wooden Mechanical Pencil: Chunky and classic, a great writer

Crafty and Fun

From washi tapes to stickers to colored pencils and shimmery gel pens, craft supplies are a great stocking addition! The Paper Mouse is packed with fun craft supplies, so have a blast browsing through our Arts & Crafts Collection for inspiration. Below are a few of our favorite crafty stocking stuffers that are small enough to fit and super fun to use.

  1. Vinyl Stickers: Fun for decorating computers, phones, water bottles, notebooks…
  2. Pottering Cat Wooden Stamps: Completely adorable, perfect for cat lovers
  3. Wearingeul Ink Swatch Cards: Colorful fun for ink lovers
  4. Hobonichi Deco Rush Tape: Decorative tape for journaling
  5. Begoody Mini Colored Pencils: Tiny pencils to carry with you everywhere
  6. Begoody 7 Colors in 1 Pencil: Rainbow pencil, perennial shop favorite

Reading and Writing

Bookmarks, pocket notebooks, and clips are all small and very handy, excellent options for slipping in a stocking. We’ve picked out a few top choices, but browse our Notebooks & Journals Collection and our Desk Accessories Collection for plenty of other fun options.

  1. Giftsland Notebooks: Slim, beautiful, and inexpensive 
  2. Midori MD Notebook Light (3-pack): Handy pocket notebooks, great paper
  3. The Paper Mouse Sticky Notes & Notepads: Useful desk pads, lots of funny animal friends
  4. Book Darts: A perfect gift for readers
  5. Sugai World Animal Paper Clips: Funny clips to make someone smile
  6. Little Red House Brass Clip Bookmarks: Classy, cute, and useful

Sweets and Treats

Useful stocking stuffers are all very well, but it’s great to include something sweet or funny just to make someone smile. You can’t go wrong with these!

  1. Enamel Pins: Fun for decorating backpacks, jackets, hats, etc.
  2. Smiskis: Collectible glow-in-the-dark critters in funny poses
  3. McCrea’s Caramels: Locally made, rich, scrumptious
  4. Nussli Brownies: Locally made, delicious, and actually sorta healthy
  5. Farmer’s Body Lip Balms: Okay, these are another useful gift, but they smell amazing
  6. Glass and Origami hearts: A sweet way to show your love!

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