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The Paper Mouse

Dear friends,

It’s hard to believe it’s been six months since we first had to shut down our shop. It’s an anniversary that makes us pause and reflect. For our little team, as for all of you, this year has been so different from what we had hoped for and expected. We’ve been humbled by a sense of our smallness in the world and the precariousness of our endeavours, but also warmed and uplifted by our wonderful community. Thanks to all of you, our team has thus far weathered a shutdown and opened an online shop, something we hadn’t anticipated doing this year.

The Paper Mouse is also coming up on another milestone, a happier one: our fifth anniversary. Even before the pandemic began, our upcoming birthday gave us cause to reflect on our business. Our team has been thinking a lot this year about what’s at the heart of The Paper Mouse experience. We’ve reflected on the things people love about The Paper Mouse - a sense of wonder and joy, a feeling of curiosity and discovery - and on what we love most: the sense of warmth and community we get from you, our wonderful customers.

It’s this experience that our team has drawn on to create our brand new website. We’ve tried to bring that sense of joy, warmth, and discovery to our online experience, to make it more fun to explore and easier to navigate. We feature staff recommendations and local makers, new gift guides and product guides to help you shop, and some polls and quizzes just for fun. We hope that browsing our new site will give you the same feeling of joy and excitement you get when you walk through our doors.

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