Final Exam Time

Settle down, class! I know it’s hard to concentrate when the weather is getting nicer and you’re so close to graduating, but forget about senior slump—you still have to pass your exams before you can walk across that stage, so stay with me.

Victor, are you asleep back there? I know you’re tired, but you can’t sleep during a test. Jenny, please stop talking to Yulan and pay attention. I’m passing out the exam papers now. You’ll have one hour to finish. Remember, this test is worth 10 percent of your final grade, so take it seriously, please.

Stationery Exam

  1. Samantha has a brand new notebook with 120 pages. She decides to use it as a daily journal, but she’s embarrassed by her writing, so she tears out 1/4 of the pages. She brings the notebook to work and uses 2/5 of the remaining pages keeping track of meeting minutes. Then she gets bored and uses 1/3 of the remaining pages for doodling during meetings. How many pages are left in Samantha's notebook?

  2. Aziz has a sticker addiction. He starts collecting vinyl stickers and sticking them on the walls of his bedroom. His bedroom walls are 8’ high x 8’ wide x 10’ wide. If the stickers are an average size of 3 inches by 3 inches, how many stickers will Aziz have to collect before he covers the entire surface of all 4 walls of his bedroom?

  3. Tom sends a letter to his pen pal. The estimated delivery time is 5 to 7 business days (Monday through Saturday). Tom mails his letter on Monday, and there is a postal holiday on Tuesday. Then the letter gets lost in the mail for 4 days. When Tom’s pen pal receives the letter, she misplaces it on her desk for 3 days under some bills and junk mail before opening it. What is the earliest day of the week Tom’s pen pal might possibly read the letter?

  4. Lila has saved up $600 to spend on fountain pens. She buys a limited edition Sailor pen for $236, a Pilot Vanishing Point for $168, and three bottles of Wearingeul ink for $24 each. Next, she buys a Lamy Safari pen for $34 and 2 Preppy Was for $11 each. Lila also needs a notebook to write in, so she purchases a Traveler’s Notebook for $63. Lila is already over budget, but then Sailor comes out with another limited edition pen that she can’t live without for $220. If Lila makes $23.50 an hour at her job, how many additional hours will she need to work to afford the new Sailor pen?

  5. Yasmin has three rolls of washi tape that are each 10 meters long. She uses 2/5 of the first roll, 3/4 of the second roll, and 1/3 of the third roll for journaling. Then she uses 1 meter of tape to wrap gifts, ½ meter to seal envelopes, and ¾ meter to hang up some pictures. How many meters of tape does Yasmin have left in total?

  6. Graham’s New Year’s resolution is to learn calligraphy. He can complete 3 practice sheets in an hour, and he practices for 8 hours a week. Graham crumples up 1 out of every 4 sheets when he gets frustrated. If he practices calligraphy for the whole month of January, how many sheets does he crumple up by the end of the month?

  7. Jorge has a 38 ml bottle of ink. His cat knocks over the bottle, and he loses 1/2 of the ink. Then he buys another bottle of ink with 30 ml but loses 2/3 of it on his hands and down the sink while attempting to change colors. Next, Jorge buys 7 sample bottles of ink, each containing 4 ml. He uses up 3 of the sample bottles and loses 2 in the back of a drawer. If Jorge has 3 fountain pens that each hold 2 ml of ink, and he fills up all 3 pens, how much ink does Jorge have left in the bottles?

  8. Hannah has a package of mechanical pencil lead containing 40 pieces. Each piece of lead is 60 mm long, but due to the design of her pencil, only 54 mm of it can be used for writing, and the final 6 mm gets wasted. Hannah breaks 7 pieces of lead and drops 2 pieces on the floor. How many usable millimeters of lead does Hannah have left before the package runs out?

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