Out-of-the-Ordinary Pencils

7-colors-in-1 pencils

A pencil is a fairly straightforward writing tool, a piece of graphite encased in a holder. But as with many apparently simple things, it’s the details that make the difference! Our out-of-the-ordinary pencil gallery showcases some of our favorite not-so-average pencils.

Mechanical pencils

Kuru Toga

Have you ever heard of a pencil that sharpens itself? This pencil has a mechanism inside that rotates the lead as you write so it wears down evenly to keep a sharp point.


Mono Graph Shaker 

The Mono Graph Shaker pencil extends the lead when you shake the pencil up and down. It saves time and it feels like magic!


Ohto Sharp 

The Ohto Sharp pencil is a nice mix between a mechanical pencil and a wooden pencil. It’s got an extra-wide body that’s comfortable to hold and lead as thick as that of a wooden pencil, but has all the convenience of a mechanical pencil. 


Ohto Mini Sharp

If the Ohto Sharp pencil is extra large, the Mini Sharp is extra small! This tiny travel-sized mechanical pencil is perfect for slipping into a pocket or clipping onto a memo book. 


Wooden pencils


The much-loved Blackwing pencil has a replaceable eraser, so you never have to worry about that annoying moment when your eraser wears down and you’re scraping uselessly at the page. Plus, the eraser is square, which makes it easy to erase small details! 

Couleurs Fluos

These bright neon pencils work just like a highlighter, but they’ll never bleed through the page. 


7 Colors in 1

Why write in grey when you could have all the colors of the rainbow? These pencils have a rainbow core that writes with seven colors at once. 


Other pencils

Perpetua Lumina

This pencil is made entirely of graphite, with no wooden case, but it won’t rub off on your hands. If that weren’t cool enough, the eraser glows in the dark.


Graphite Objects

Taking graphite to the next level, Batle Studio makes beautiful, detailed graphite sculptures that actually write.


Wood Pencil Extender

This one isn’t actually a pencil, but it’s so handy that we had to mention it! Pencil extenders give new life to those itty bitty pencil stubs you always feel bad about throwing away, extending the length (and thus the life) of the pencil.

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