Out-of-the-Ordinary Pens

“Different strokes for different folks” surely applies to pen strokes - we all have our special preferences when it comes to pens. If you’re looking for a pen that’s a little different, these ones have some noteworthy features.


Minimo Ballpoint Pen

Do you like to write with a tiny pen? You literally can’t get any smaller than this: it’s the world’s skinniest ballpoint.


Green Bamboo Bookmark Pen

If you jot notes in your books while you read, this pen was made for you! Shaped like a bamboo leaf, it's a slim paper bookmark whose spine is formed by a skinny ballpoint refill. It's easy to slip between the pages of a book or notebook.


4 Functions Pen

Time to do some heavy editing? This pen is an editor’s best friend: it comes with three different ink colors and a pencil built in. 


Frixion Ball Clicker Gel Pen

If you’re torn between the boldness of pen strokes and the erasability of pencil marks, fret no more! This cool erasable pen uses heat-sensitive ink that disappears with the friction of erasing.


Gold Shadow Gelly Roll Pens

Need some more pizzazz in your notes? Gold shadow gelly rolls will give you the sparkle you’ve been looking for. Their unique two-toned ink writes in metallic gold surrounded by a colorful contrasting outline. They're also available with a silver shadow.

Pencil Ball Ballpoint Pen

For writers who love the look of a wooden pencil body but prefer to write in pen, the Pencil Ball may be just what you’ve been looking for! Bonus: you never have to sharpen it.


Blen Ballpoint Pen

Tired of cramped and aching hands after writing? This award-winning pen is designed to reduce stress and frustration while writing, with a cushioned tip and a low center of gravity to help you write with ease.

Zensations Fountain Pen

For those who like the experience of writing with a fountain pen but can’t be bothered with changing ink cartridges or filling converters, this pen is a smooth-writing disposable option.


Emott Fineliners

Do you color-code your notes? This colorful set of slim marker-tipped pens gives you a whole rainbow to work with - plus the case transforms into a desktop holder, and the pens are square, so they never roll away!


Curidas Fountain Pen

If you like the way a fountain pen writes but you yearn for the convenience of a ballpoint, check out the Platinum Curidas pen, which has a retractable fountain pen tip. They've developed a special mechanism to keep the ink from drying out.


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