Our Favorite Gift Pens

A pen is a classic and timeless gift. Traditional for a graduation or academic achievement, it's also a mark of respect for someone's creativity or intellect. It's a gift that can express style and playfulness as well as gravity and respect.

We carry loads of pens here at The Paper Mouse, and all of them can make a great gift for the right person, from a two-dollar sparkly gel pen to a hundred-dollar fountain pen. This selection is by no means a comprehensive guide: instead, we've collected some of our all-time favorites and most popular pens that make great gifts for a variety of people and occasions. If you don't see the right pen on this list, check out our Gift Pen Collection, which showcases a much wider selection of pens!

Here are some great gift pens to consider.


Tous Les Jours Ballpoint Pen

The Tous Les Jours pen is a colorful, playful ballpoint that's printed in French on each side with the days of the week and a daily suggestion like "read a book" and "write a poem." It's sure to make someone smile. 


Ohto Horizon Ballpoint

Available in many colors, the Horizon Ballpoint pen has a pleasantly weighted aluminum body that feels great to write with. This is a stylish and affordable pen that pairs well with a notebook for a thoughtful gift.


Sarasa Vintage Color Gel Pens

Colorful inks always make for a fun gift, and these gel pens come in gorgeous vintage colors that always look classy. They're also very affordable. Match one of the colors to some writing paper or a notebook for a nice gift, or bundle a few favorite colors together.


Epoca P Ballpoint Pen

Speaking of fun colors, this smooth-writing ballpoint comes in a whole rainbow of options. It's a sleek and comfortable pen that's also fun to pair with some favorite stationery.


Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen

A playful fountain pen, the Skyline Sport is a classic tool with a modern twist. It has a compact body that makes a statement and feels comfortable to hold. It's also available in frosted pastel colors, timeless brass, and a ballpoint version.


Baronfig Squire Rollerball

The Squire Rollerball pen is silky-smooth to write with, and a sword icon on the barrel conjures the old adage that "the pen is mightier than the sword." It's a great gift to remind a writer of the impact their words can have. This pen is also available in a brass edition.


 Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel Gel Pen

Another super-smooth option, the Drehgriffel Gel Pen has cool vintage vibes with a satisfying twist mechanism and a pleasant weight from its aluminum and brass body. It comes in colors to match the popular Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, so you can pair them together for an extra-special gift.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

The popular Safari pen has a bold and modern design that still manages to look timeless. It comes in many colors, so you can choose your recipient's favorite. It's also available in a gift set with a converter and extra ink cartridges, or as a rollerball pen.


Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen

A petite and compact fountain pen, the Liliput can be slipped in a pocket and carried anywhere. Sleek and unfussy, this is a pen that begs to be used every day, while its smooth aluminum body and fine fountain pen nib still make the act of writing feel special. It's also available in copper or "Fireblue," a beautiful torched steel.

This sleek fountain pen has a more traditional feel with a modern twist. Classic and dignified without feeling old-fashioned, it's a beautifully crafted pen that makes an impactful gift.


Lamy Studio Rollerball

Speaking of dignified pens, the Studio Rollerball is an elegant writing tool that feels formal without being stuffy. The propeller-shaped clip looks like a piece of modern sculpture. The Studio is also available as a fountain pen.


Ystudio Brassing Portable Ballpoint

For a gift pen that really makes an impression, the Brassing Portable Ballpoint can't be beat. A solid brass pen, it's designed to remind the writer of the weight of their words. It comes beautifully presented in a gift box, with an attachable leather cord and clip to make it portable. The Brassing pen is also available as a fountain pen (though the fountain pen is on the pricier end).

See the full Gift Pen Collection for more wonderful pens!

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