Affordable Everyday Pens

If you write every day, you need a great everyday pen - one that's comfortable and pleasant to write with, one you can carry with you everywhere you go, one you won't worry too much about losing. The good news is: a great everyday pen doesn't have to break the bank. Check out some of our favorite affordable everyday pens.

Signo RT1 Gel Pen

Gel pens are known for their vibrant ink and smooth writing action. This one is water-resistant, smudge-proof, vivid, and affordable, at only $4.


Sarasa Clip Gel Pen

Another great gel pen is the Sarasa Vintage series. The smooth gel ink comes in beautiful vintage colors and it's acid-free, archival and water-resistant. At $2.50, it's also highly affordable.


FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Pen

The $3.50 FriXion Gel Pen has a special erasable gel ink formula - plus it's refillable.


Epoca P Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pens are dependable and consistent, with oil-based ink that's usually refillable. In the ballpoint family, the Epoca pen has a sleek, classic design that comes in many colors, and the archival ink is refillable, so it's a pen that will last. This one is a comfortable $6.50.


Tous Les Jours Ballpoint Pen

For those who speak French, you'll know that the "Tous Les Jours" pen is meant to be used every day. This $8.50 needle point pen has the days of the week printed on it in French, comes in fun colors, and has a pleasant hexagonal wooden body. 


Slim Line Ballpoint

The Slim Line is another great ballpoint option, perfect for those who like a pen with a slimmer profile. It's refillable, has a sturdy metal body and a needle point, and costs $9.


Blen Ballpoint Pen

The Blen Ballpoint is the winner of the Good Design Award for its extremely comfortable design, meant to eliminate stress and frustration while writing. Its $3.50 price point should also eliminate stress.


Horizon Ballpoint

The popular Ohto Horizon ballpoint has a pleasantly weighted aluminum body, a needle point, and an extra-fun click-button mechanism. At $12.50, this is a slightly "higher end" pen for everyday use, but it's refillable, sturdy, and long-lasting.


Logo M+ Ballpoint

The Logo M+ ballpoint, by beloved pen company Lamy, is a $13 refillable ballpoint with a timeless design.


Pigma Micron PN

Micron pens are extremely popular for drawing, with fine tips and waterproof, permanent, archival ink. This plastic nib version is slightly hardier than their felt tip version, which makes it great for writing and general use. It comes in many colors and at $3, it makes a good everyday option. (The felt tip version is also available in sizes 05, 005, and 003.)

Zensations Fountain Pen

If you prefer to write with a fountain pen but you're hesitant to spring for a really fancy one, this disposable fountain pen is a great option. At only $3.50, it has a surprisingly smooth, flowing line and vibrant color.


Preppy Fountain Pen

Another affordable fountain pen is the Platinum Preppy. This one is refillable and has a special cap design that helps keep it from drying out. It's quite reasonable at only $7.

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