Sketchbook Gallery

Love to draw and paint? Take a look through our sketchbook gallery to find one that's right for you!


Graf'book 360

The Graf'book 360 is an excellent classic sketchbook, with soft covers and acid-free paper that works well with pen, pencil and marker. The paper resists feathering and bleedthrough, and the binding lays flat.


Travelogue Drawing Journal

The Travelogue drawing journal is a hand bound, hardcover artist's journal filled with acid-free drawing paper that accepts pen, pencil, and marker.


Blackwing Slate

You may love to draw with Blackwing pencils - but did you know they also make notebooks? Their Slate notebook is designed for use with pencils, making it an excellent choice for graphite drawings.


Leuchtturm1917 120g Edition

Leuchtturm notebooks first became popular as journals, but their 120g edition, with heavy, low-transparency paper, makes an excellent sketchbook that won't show marks on the back of the page. It has all the perks of a well-organized journal, too: numbered pages, labels for the spine and cover, ribbon bookmarks, and a pocket in the back.

MD Paper Notebook

For those who like a simple, minimalist sketchbook, the MD Paper notebook is a perfect fit. Known for its high quality paper, which works well with pen, pencil, and marker, this notebook has no cover - just great paper that lays flat for drawing.


Mnemosyne Notebook

The smooth pages of the Mnemosyne notebook are great for drawing with pen or marker - plus they're perforated, if you want to pull out your artwork for gifting!


Baronfig Vanguard Notebook

If you tear through your sketchbooks at a fast rate, the Baronfig Vanguard comes in a three-pack of simple, affordable notebooks that are great for pencil and colored pencil drawings.


Field Notes Signature Sketchbook

For a pocket-sized sketchbook that travels around easily, Field Notes' Signature Sketchbooks are a comfortable 4.25 x 6.5 that can fit in a pocket but still leave plenty of room for drawing.


Field Notes Haxley Story Book

If you like storytelling, this special 2-pack of memo books is sure to inspire you. It includes a storybook to write in, with ruled paper interspersed with illustrations by Jay Ryan, and a blank sketchbook where you can create illustrations of your own.


Painting and Mixed Media

Gamma Series Premium Sketchbook

Stillman & Birn’s Gamma sketchbook has warm-toned, ivory paper that is perfect for dry media, ink and light washes, protected by sturdy hard covers that travel well.


Spiral Ring Watercolor Notebook

This spiral ring watercolor notebook by The Traveler's Company is great for painting outdoors or while traveling. The paper is great for watercolor, pen and pencil, and the cardstock covers are protective but not too heavy.


Travelogue Watercolor Journal

If you prefer a hardcover watercolor journal, the Travelogue watercolor journal is a great choice. This hand bound, linen-covered journal is filled with cold press watercolor paper.


Goldline Travel Album

A wonderfully versatile journal for traveling, the Goldline album has hard covers, an elastic loop to hold a pen or brush, and paper that accepts both dry media and watercolor washes.


Toned Paper

Nova Series Premium Sketchbook

If you like toned paper, the warm beige paper of Stillman & Birn’s Nova sketchbook is a great option. Perfect for dry media, ink and light washes, it has sturdy hard covers that travel well.


Nuuna Bloom Inspiration Book

Speaking of toned paper, the pages of the Nuuna Bloom notebook are printed with vibrant colors. If blank white pages make your mind go blank, you might enjoy the 10 different page colors in this notebook.


Nuuna Mood Inspiration Book

The Nuuna Mood notebook is another wonderful out-of-the-box option for a sketchbook. Printed with beautiful color gradients that look like landscapes or sunrises, each page reflects a different mood.


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