Out-of-the-Ordinary Notebooks

If the classic lined notebook has never quite worked for you, check out these fun alternatives: they're not your average notebook.


Grids and Guides Eco Notebook

For those who think outside the lines, Grids and Guides features 8 different page designs, from unusual graph papers to grids and logs. 


Stonit Waterproof Notebook

If you do your best thinking in the shower, the Stonit notebook’s waterproof pages made from stone and resin will let you jot down your ideas while you soak.


Mishmash Tabbed Notebook

Mishmash notebooks have a clever tabbed design that lets you organize your notes by project or topic, so you can take notes for multiple classes without lugging a full knapsack around. They’re available with dot grid, ruled, or blank pages.


Nuuna Mood Inspiration Book

Do you panic at the sight of a blank page? Nuuna's Mood Inspiration Book is filled with beautiful color gradients, reminiscent of landscapes and sunrises, that are sure to bring you a sense of calm and inspiration.


AstroReality AR Space Notebooks

If you’ve got your head in the clouds, AstroReality’s AR notebooks will take you all the way up to space. These notebooks have blank and graph pages that are excellent for visual thinking and diagramming, and they pair with a virtual reality app that lets you explore the planet on the cover.

Field Notes Left-Handed Memo Book

For lefties living in a right-handed world, it can be frustrating to make little daily adjustments. Field Notes’ left-handed memo book is a nod to your daily struggle: this one’s designed just for you.


Field Notes Front Page Reporter's Notebook

If you like to take notes on the go, a reporter’s notebook may be the thing for you - easy to hold in one hand while you write, with pages that flip to the back and a handy storage pocket.


Writersblok Keyboard Notebook

For the deskbound notetaker, this handy notebook gives you the best of both the digital and analog worlds. It's designed to fit in front of a keyboard, so you'll always have a place to jot down notes without disrupting your typing.



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