Our Favorite Gift Notebooks

Those of us who love paper know that notebooks can be objects of beauty as much as they are functional tools. A special notebook and pen is a thoughtful and lovely gift to inspire someone to write. Here are some of our favorite notebooks to give to others.

Hanji Notebooks

Made with traditional Korean paper, Hanji notebooks are soft to the touch and richly textured, with vibrant screen-printed covers.


Takumi Gold Label Notebooks

Takumi Gold Label notebooks are covered with gold-stamped, handmade washi paper, and the paper inside is smooth and fountain-pen-friendly.


Nuuna Fluid Chrome Notebook

Mesmerizing to look at, the Nuuna Fluid Chrome notebook has shiny iridescent covers and edges that shimmer in the light.


Traveler's Notebook

The Traveler's Notebook is a beautiful, leather-covered notebook that's refillable and customizable. It's a great gift for travelers and old souls that will last for years and years.


Oblation Papers and Press Inspiration Journals

The covers of these beautiful handbound journals are letterpressed with inspiring quotes from different writers. The journals have lined pages and soft handmade paper covers.


Stonit Notebook

The pages of the unique Stonit notebook are made from stone and resin. Waterproof and tear-resistant, it makes a great gift for outdoor adventurers, as well as for chefs writing down notes in a hectic kitchen.


Savor Recipe Journal

Another great gift for chefs is the Savor Recipe Journal, whose pages provide a template for writing down favorite recipes and helpful notes.


AstroReality AR Notebooks

For space and technology lovers, AstroReality's AR notebooks combine the analog and the digital worlds, with a built-in augmented reality experience that lets you tour different planets.


Field Notes National Parks Memo Books

A beautiful gift for lovers of the outdoors, Field Notes' National Parks memo books feature vibrant illustrations of America's National Parks.


Gather Review Journal

A structured journal for reflecting on new experiences, from books to movies to foods to adventures, the Gather Review journal is a great gift for anyone who loves to try new things.


Field Notes Vignette Memo Book

The Field Notes Vignette memo book is made to be personalized. Slip a shared memory, photograph, drawing, or meaningful poem into the cutout slot on the cover for a meaningful and personal gift.


Don't see a notebook that catches your eye? Check out our Gift Notebook Collection, which has plenty more notebooks to see!

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