Fountain-Pen-Friendly Notebooks

For fountain pen lovers, there's an extra component to choosing the right notebook: finding fountain-pen-friendly paper. These notebooks are all great choices to use with a fountain pen.

Nebula Notebooks

Nebula notebooks are designed to be used with fountain pens. They have smooth paper that doesn't bleed or feather, they come with guide sheets to help you write in straight lines, and the hardcover version even has an ink swatch guide so you can make notes about your favorite inks.

Mnemosyne Notebooks

Mnemosyne notebooks have smooth paper that resists bleeding and show-through. They have soft covers and are available in a variety of rulings and sizes.


Logical Prime Notebooks

The Logical Prime notebook has smooth, bleed resistant paper and is popular for its unusual ruling, which is lined with a faint dot grid pattern in the background. It has soft covers and comes in different sizes and colors, with 6mm lines or 7mm lines.


Apica CD Notebooks

Apica CD Notebooks are a popular choice with fountain pen users, featuring smooth paper that resists bleeding and show-through. They are slim soft-cover notebooks with lined pages and come in different colors and sizes.


Premium CD Notebooks

If the CD notebook were a caterpillar, then the Premium CD would be a full-blown glorious butterfly. With silky smooth paper and a shimmery foil-stamped cover, it looks and feels beautiful to write in. It has soft covers and comes in different sizes, with a choice of ruled, blank, or graph pages.

Midori MD Notebooks

Midori MD notebooks are known for their high quality paper, designed for the writer's comfort. The paper is bleed resistant and feather resistant, with a slight tooth, and it's available in two sizes with graph, lined, or blank pages.


Rhodia Notepads

Rhodia notepads have smooth paper that resists bleeding and show-through. They are softcover notepads available in two sizes, with blank, dot grid or graph pages.


Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks

If you prefer a hardcover notebook, the Leuchtturm1917 notebook is a great fountain-pen-friendly choice. The paper resists bleeding and show-through and has a slight tooth. It's available with ruled or dotted pages in a variety of colors, as well as a 120g version with thicker blank pages.


Lamy Notebook

Another hardcover option is the Lamy notebook, by the Lamy pen company. The paper resists feathering and bleeding, and the lined pages have a faint grid pattern behind them.


Traveler's Notebooks

The ever-popular Traveler's Notebook uses Midori paper, known for its quality and comfort. It resists bleeding and feathering, and has a slight tooth. These notebooks are refillable and customizable, available with lined, graph, dot grid or blank pages.

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