Best Notebooks for Everyday Use

Many of us rely on a notebook as a key everyday tool - for taking notes in class or at work, for writing to-do lists and reminders, for keeping us organized and aiding our memory. We fly through the pages. We need something practical, affordable, and pleasant to use. Here are some great options.

Softcover Options

Logical Prime Notebook

One of our most popular notebooks, the Logical Prime has lined pages with a faint dot grid pattern in the background, and a space at the top for a date and title. It's available in different sizes and colors with narrower lines and wider lines.


Apica CD Notebook

Another popular notebook is the Apica CD, a slim, lined notebook with wonderfully smooth paper, available in different colors and sizes.


Mnemosyne Notebooks

The much-loved Mnemosyne notebooks have smooth paper, plenty of pages, and are available in many rulings and sizes.


Kleid Notebook

A slim notebook with a pleasant, tiny graph pattern on the pages, the Kleid notebook is lightweight and easy to carry around.


Kokuyo ME Notebook

The Koyuko ME is a simple but lovely midsized notebook with smooth lined paper and a slightly shimmery cover.


Mishmash Notebook

Mishmash notebooks are slightly heftier notebooks that are great for keeping organized. They have tabbed sections, so you can organize your notes by project, class, or usage, and come in a variety of rulings.


Appointed Signature Notebook

A larger format notebook, Appointed's Signature Notebook has pages that are lined on one side and blank on the other.


MD Paper Notebook

Small to midsized, MD Paper notebooks are a simple, minimalist notebooks with no cover, available in two sizes and a variety of rulings.


Baronfig Vanguard Notebook

The Vanguard Notebook comes in a three-pack of notebooks that lie flat for easy writing. They have colorful covers and dot grid pages.


Field Notes Memo Books

Field Notes memo books are handy pocket-sized notebooks that are great for carrying around and jotting down notes. They come in packs of three in a variety of rulings and fun designs.


Vermilion Red Lined Notebook

This simple lined notebook is great for everyday notetaking, with flexible cardstock covers and ivory pages with red printed lines.


Hardcover Options

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

A hugely popular hardcover notebook, the Leuchtturm1917 is great for keeping organized, with a table of contents, numbered pages, two ribbon bookmarks, and a pocket in the back. It's available with lined or dot grid pages.


Blackwing Slate Notebook

The Blackwing Slate is another great hardcover option, available in three different sizes and with lined, blank, or dot grid paper. It has a table of contents and a ribbon bookmark, as well as an elastic pen holder on the side.


Baronfig Confidant Notebook

The Baronfig Confidant notebook comes in beautiful colors and has dot grid pages, with a cloth bookmark to hold your place.


Lamy Hardcover Notebook

Lamy's hardcover notebook has an unusual lined paper with a faint grid pattern behind it. It has a pen holder on the side, two ribbon bookmarks, and a sleek cover with a brushed metal appearance.

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