A Guide to the Traveler's Notebook

The popular Japanese Traveler's Notebook is a world unto itself. A beautiful leather-covered notebook that's refillable and customizable, it's made to be tailored to you and carried with you everywhere. Learn more about the Traveler's Notebook system.

Starter Kit

Every Traveler's Notebook starter kit comes with a leather cover and a blank page refill. The notebooks come in a larger regular size and a smaller passport size. You can choose between four colors of leather.


Notebook Refills

When you run out of paper in your Traveler's Notebook, you can add a refill. Choose your favorite ruling: they're available with blank, lined, graph, or dot grid pages, on high quality Midori paper. Or choose a couple - the cover can comfortably fit three or four refills at a time.

Planner Refills

The Traveler's Notebook can also be used as a planner, with refills available in different formats so you can choose your favorite way of staying organized. Planner refills come in daily, weekly, and monthly layouts.


Binding Bands

Refills are held in place with rubber bands, which connect them to the cover and to each other so they form one cohesive notebook. You can use binding bands to secure additional refills to your notebook.


Pen Holder

The pen holder can be clipped onto to the leather cover so you'll always have a pen handy.


Zipper Pouch

If you carry a lot of odds and ends - tickets, receipts, paperclips - you can add a zipper pocket to stow them away securely in your notebook. Alternatively, there are stick-on pockets you can add to the inside of the leather cover for easy access to cards, tickets, or other miscellany.

File Folder

The kraft file folder with two pockets offers another option for carrying loose papers.


Sticky Notes

The Traveler's Company also makes sticky note pads you can add to your notebook, so you always have a note handy to bookmark a page or write a reminder.

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