Soothing and Relaxing Gifts

If you've got a very stressed-out loved one in your life (and after 2020, who isn't a little bit stressed out?), a soothing and relaxing gift may be just the thing. Here are some of our favorites.

Element candles
Creating a cozy atmosphere for the senses can help relax a wound-up mind. These gifts are soothing to the senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

Be More Sloth book
Cultivating mindfulness is a useful practice that reduces stress and helps bring perspective to our lives. These gifts are great tools to bring the practice of mindfulness to everyday life.

Maze book
A soothing, meditative activity that engages our hands and our minds can also relieve us of stress. Here are some calming activities that make great gifts.

Looking for more soothing and relaxing gifts? Check out our Soothing and Relaxing Collection!

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