Gifts for the Nest

For those who take pride and pleasure in creating a cozy nest, cooking delightful treats, and nurturing lush houseplants, a gift for the home can be a thoughtful and welcome addition. We’ve collected some of our favorite gifts for adorning a cozy nest.

Aviologie hand-carved birds
Twinkly lights and charming decorations make lovely gifts for a home nester.

E. Frances notepads
Some nesters love to cook and bake (and if you’re lucky enough to be friends with one, you probably know it!). Here are some gifts for the kitchen.

  • Stonit Notebook A waterproof notebook that won’t get damaged by cooking
  • The Quarantine Chef A comforting cookbook whose proceeds support Feeding America
  • E. Frances Notepad For writing grocery lists and menus
  • Cake A beautiful cookbook and picture book for those who enjoy baking

Felix Doolittle art prints
Green and growing things can bring a feeling of joy and life to any nest. If your nester has a green thumb, a plant kit or garden tools can make a sweet gift. And if they don’t, they may enjoy making lifelike paper flora!

Looking for more gifts for the home? Check out our Nesting Collection!

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