Gifts for the Design Lover

We all know someone who loves bold colors and interesting shapes, appreciates tools for their beauty and function, and always looks put together, right down to the pens they write with. Here are some of our favorite gifts for design lovers.

Whale staplers
Form and function matter to a lover of good design. Singly or grouped together, these desk tools make a wonderful gift that stands out for usability and beauty.

Blackwing pencils
Design lovers, of course, enjoy great stationery for creating their own work! These writing and drawing materials are great tools that feature bold designs themselves.

Macon & Lesquoy pins
Out-of-the-box accessories make great gifts for design lovers, too. The Bellroy wallet and Portable Brassing pen are both notable for their beautiful design, and a playful pin never goes amiss.

Looking for more design-themed gifts? Check out our Design Lovers Collection!

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