Gifts for the Curious Mind

Is there someone in your life who always wants to know “why,” who takes things apart to see how they work, and who loves to observe the world around them? Here are some of our favorite gifts for the curious-minded, young and old alike.

AR notebooks
Few things offer more food for curiosity than space. What could be more captivating than the vast, limitless universe? Space-themed gifts are great for curious people.

Batle Studio graphite objects
Some objects are curiosities in themselves: we pick them up and can’t fathom how they were made. Such things are sure to pique the interest of a curious mind.

  • Graphite Object Graphite sculptures that really write, without smudging on your hands
  • Lumina Pencil Made of solid graphite, with a glow-in-the-dark eraser
  • Stonit Notebook A waterproof notebook whose pages are made of stone

Make your own music box
Puzzles, of course, are made for curious minds: they’re all about finding solutions and fitting things together. These gifts present puzzles and problems to engage the curious-minded.

Looking for more puzzles and curiosities? Check out our Curious Minds Collection!

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