Gifts for the Animal Lover

Do you have someone in your life who adopts every stray creature they come across, or whose life revolves around their pet, or who simply finds animals adorable? We’ve collected some of our favorite gifts for animal lovers.

T-lab balsa wood animals
In the “adorable” department, T-Lab’s balsa wood animals are a highly popular gift that pair well with some cute animal stationery for a delightful gift set.

Aviologie hand-painted wooden birds
As animal lovers go, birders are a species of their own. Aviologie’s hand-painted wooden birds make a beautiful gift for the birder in your life, and they pair well with some avian extras.

How to Draw Almost Every Animal book
If your animal lover is a crafty type, they’ll enjoy folding origami animals and drawing with an animal-themed drawing set.

Looking for more animal-themed gifts? Check out our Animal Lovers Collection!

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