Getting Curious: Plants

This week we’re getting curious by observing nature and thinking about our place in the living world. Here are our prompts for cultivating your curiosity:

  • Create an herbarium. Collect leaves, flowers, or small plants that you see in your neighborhood. Press them between sheets of waxed paper under a heavy book, then paste them into a notebook. Can you identify each plant? What can you learn about it?
  • Photograph your view. Find a window in your home with a view of plant life, or a spot nearby that’s easy to reach. Take a photo of the same spot at the same time each day this month, then look at the photos side by side. What changes do you notice? (If you enjoy this project, see if you can keep it up all year!)
  • Learn about a tree. Find a tree in your neighborhood and take a look at the shape of the leaves. Can you look them up to identify the type of tree? Is it deciduous or coniferous? Is it native to your region? Why does it thrive in your climate zone? 
Did you learn something new this week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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