Getting Curious: Morning Drinks

This week we’re getting curious about our morning drinks. Here are our prompts for cultivating your curiosity:

  • Take a moment to notice your cup of coffee (or your preferred beverage) this morning. What does your cup look like? Do you always drink from the same mug or glass? What do you like about the cup you are drinking from today?

  • How does your drink taste? Do you drink it every morning, and how does it make you feel? Do you remember when it became your morning drink? What do you like about the flavor?

  • What part of the world does your drink come from? Where are your coffee beans or tea leaves or the oranges in your juice grown? Try to learn something this week about the history of your morning drink, and as you enjoy its flavor, think about how far it’s traveled to be in your cup. Does that change how you feel as you start your day?
Did you learn something new this week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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