Getting Curious: Furniture

This week we’re getting curious about the furniture we use every day. Here are our prompts for cultivating your curiosity:

  • Pick a piece of furniture to examine today. Do you know where it came from? Did you buy it, find it, or receive it from someone else? Is it an item that is meaningful to you, or is it mainly utilitarian? What do you consider beautiful in a piece of furniture?

  • See if you can determine what materials this article of furniture is made of, and where those materials come from. How are the raw materials processed to create a finished piece of furniture?

  • Research how you would make the article of furniture you’re examining. Does it require carpentry, upholstery, metalworking? Can you tell how its parts fit together? Does examining how it is made make you feel different about using this piece of furniture?

    Did you learn something new this week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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