Getting Curious: Community

This week we’re getting curious about the communities we’re part of. Here are our prompts for cultivating your curiosity:

  • This week, think about what communities you belong to. Are they organized communities, or less formal groups of people? What do you look for in a community? Do you actively seek to be part of groups? Why or why not?

  • Look for upcoming events at an organization you’re a part of, or else look for a local group that might interest you. Do you like to get involved in organized events, or do you prefer other ways of finding community? What kinds of things do you like to get involved with, or what makes it challenging for you to get involved?

  • Make a plan to attend or host an event in the coming month. How do you feel about participating in a group activity?

Did you learn something new this week? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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