September 2019: Michael Hanley

Michael is the Production Supervisor at Felix Doolittle. By day, he works to ensure that the Felix Doolittle team can seamlessly handcraft their beautiful stationery. Continue reading to learn more about the art he enjoys making on his on time!

Atelier: Hello! Please tell us a bit about who you are and what you make.
Michael: I am Michael Hanley, I am from Framingham, Massachusetts and I make paintings. At the moment I mainly use watercolor and ink to create paintings, but I also enjoy working with acrylic paint and wood. I go by @skinny_man_artt on instagram where I post some of my artwork.


Atelier: What kinds of materials and media do you like to use?
MH: I mainly work with ink and watercolor at the moment but I enjoy using different mediums and materials to create things. I like to work with layers to give some depth and perspective to my pieces, especially working with wood, I feel the layers give some life to it.



Atelier: What’s an art supply or tool you’re currently obsessed with?
MH: Right now I really like the water brushes I have. They are very portable and handy. I take the train to work almost everyday so it makes painting watercolors much easier. Rather than trying to balance a glass or bottle of water on my lap.

Atelier: What inspires you, and/or your work?
MH: What inspires me the most are the people around me, their experiences and what I encounter when I wander outside or the internet. I really enjoy listening to what people have to say and reflecting it on myself. I feel there's always something beneficial to take from another’s experience. The subject matter of my artwork is mainly inspired from the things I see each day that please my eye and just the things I really appreciate. I’ve always liked animals and architecture since I was a kid so I will always be working on something along those lines.

Atelier: How do you overcome art block?
MH: I find the best way for me to overcome art block is to take a break, and be patient with myself. If I press myself to push pieces of work out then I most likely won’t be happy with the outcome, because I did not like the process. So I think taking a break and exploring outside or inside without a direction sometimes does the trick.

Get in Touch

Michael's work can be viewed on Instagram at @skinny_man_artt.

He will also be participating in Atelier's 2nd annual Craft Show on December 7th. Drop in to meet Michael and check out his work in person!

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