November 2019: Adriana Foster

Atelier: This November, we're featuring Adriana Foster! Please introduce yourself!

Adriana: Hi! I’m Adriana Foster. I’m a self-taught artist with a love for mixed media and an obsession for sketchbooks. My illustrations feature a dream like world filled with playful figures in simplified landscapes and buildings. You can find my artwork on my Instagram account @studio_solivagant. I’m currently a full-time production and printing assistant at Felix Doolittle.

Self Portrait

Atelier: What kinds of materials and media do you like to use?

Adriana: I mostly work in sketchbooks that have either mixed media, gridded or dotted paper. As a lover of mixed media, I enjoy combining watercolor, gouache, alcohol based brush markers, colored pencils, and extra fine tip black pens. Often enough I'll use gold paint or ink to embellish my pieces because I feel it adds a touch of magic.


Atelier: What’s an art supply or tool you’re currently obsessed with?

Adriana: I have a "Stand 'N Store" pencil pouch from @meadfivestar that I really love because as the name implies it stands up on its own and holds plenty of pens! There's also a secret interior pocket for small items such as erasers or pencil lead but the best feature of all is that it's see-through so it's easy to find what you’re looking for.


Atelier: What’s a creative goal you have for the year?

Adriana: Not this year but in the near future I plan to create my own line of sketchbooks with mixed paper and if possible maybe stickers or clay pins!

Pastel Ghosts

Atelier: What piece of advice would you give to a beginning artist?

Adriana: Never stop experimenting! Experimenting allows you to open a world full of possibilities in your creative practice. Experimentation is your journey to self-discovery and growth as an artist. It frees you of any expectations so you can create for the sake of creating and find pleasure in doing just that.


Get in Touch

Adriana's work can be viewed on Instagram at @studio_solivagant.

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