January 2020: Lynnett Perez

Atelier: Our first featured artist in 2020 is Lynnett Perez. Please say a few words about yourself and what you make!
Lynnett: My name is Lynnett Perez! I worked at Felix Doolittle as an admin assistant there for 3 years before going back to graduate school abroad in the United Kingdom this past September. I’m currently studying my master’s degree in Computer Games Art and Design at Goldsmiths University of London. Right now, I’m currently learning about the tools and the pipeline that major game studios use for creating video games- from learning how to code in C++, to 3D modelling, and even some virtual reality as well!
Lynnett Perez self portrait
Self Portrait - digital

Atelier: What kinds of materials and media do you like to use?
Lynnett: I tend to primarily use digital medias to create artwork nowadays, mostly due to having small spaces to work with that force me to condense the space I work in and keep as tidy as possible. I work either on my iPad or my laptop as they both have screens that work with styli, so I have complete control over my artwork whenever I work. It’s wonderful to be able to grab my iPad and go out to a local café or sit in school and draw without having to worry about getting messy or dropping paint everywhere. That said, I do enjoy messing around with pen and paper, or with watercolor! Sometimes digital art can’t beat good old traditional media.

Atelier: Who is an artist you’re really into right now?
Lynnett: I’m currently into Jason Anderson—he’s a UK based artist who does these amazing abstract oil paintings of landscapes. He has a very wonderful sense of space and his palettes are incredibly saturated. I love the way that he renders space and colors with dabs of paint to form these quiet, intimate renderings of a space that’s far away and invites you to just stare upon the canvas as if you’ve stumbled upon a faraway kingdom. Up close to the paintings you can see the multitude of brushstrokes and layering he puts into his paintings, and it’s really satisfying to see how it all forms from faraway!

Atelier: How did you learn your craft?
Lynnett: I grew up playing video games and always had a fondness for them—I loved how all my friends played them and how happy everyone was talking about and playing games. I wanted to keep that happiness going and I did a lot of doodling on the side of notebooks, writing stories featuring me and my friends in the video game worlds. When I got to high school, I learned that there was a field for this kind of stuff! I got my first tablet and just pumped out a lot of artwork on the daily, consuming a multitude of tutorials wherever I could find them and just put in the work. I was fortunate enough to get accepted to Montserrat College of Art for my undergraduate, and I was able to get an undergraduate degree there and was able to get a lot more experience while there!

Atelier: What piece of advice would you give to a beginning artist?
Lynnett: As cliché as it sounds, it’s always great to try and develop the habit of drawing as often as you can. It doesn’t always have to be completed pieces—just doodling or doing small sketches keeps your hand moving and helps to commit the gestures to memory. Try not to compare yourself to others too. Art isn’t a race, and everyone will progress at their own paces. Just draw the stuff that makes you happiest and makes you look forward to the next piece!

Get in Touch

Here's a message from Lynnett about how to find her art:

If people are interested in seeing more of my work or following for slow, but steady updates they are more than welcome to follow my twitter and Instagram, both of which are simply @lynnettperez! I also have a website that serves as my portfolio, which is lynnettperez.com.

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