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What is Atelier?

Since the opening of The Paper Mouse Shop in 2015, you've been asking for classes and new ways to bring creativity and beauty into your lives. We're happy to introduce The Paper Mouse Atelier: a classroom and event space, opening in the Fall of 2017. Atelier, located two doors down at 1280 Washington Street, will offer watercolor and penmanship classes, workshops, and a comfortable place to relax and write letters.

The desire to create something beautiful is a basic human impulse, but too often we are held back by our own fears. We at The Paper Mouse Atelier affirm that creating is simpler than it seems, that the process of creation can be more fulfilling than the result, and that the care we put into a piece of writing or a drawing can help us understand ourselves and connect with others. We strive to create a community that celebrates and encourages this very human act of creative expression.