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Meet the Instructors

Felix Fu


Felix is a self-taught artist and calligrapher; owner and creator of the stationery brand, Felix Doolittle; designer of both The Paper Mouse and The Paper Mouse Atelier; and a dreamer.
Felix’s illustrations for Felix Doolittle have been featured in many national publications including Vogue, Oprah’s O Magazine, Martha Stewart’s TV Show, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Boston Globe. Pencil and watercolor are his medium of choice. Penmanship and fine-scale model-making are also his passions. Felix believes that the practice of drawing, painting, making fine crafts, and writing are rewarding and fulfilling activities. He looks forward to sharing his experience with anyone interested in creating their own masterpiece or everyday art.

Dan Seaward


Dan is an artist who specializes in watercolor illustrations. He began working for Felix Doolittle as a high school freshman, where Felix gave lessons and mentored him. This led him to study illustration and fine arts in college where his artistic horizons broadened. Dan is an avid collector of all things nature related, and uses his artistic expression to capture and preserve the natural world. He loves to create, and share his passion with those around him.

Sara Israel


Sara is an illustrator and devoted letter-writer who likes to paint pictures with words as well as brushes. After graduating from university with a degree in Yiddish, she returned to school to study Children’s Book Illustration. Sara loves art that is tactile and functional, from picture books to postcards and puppets. She leads the production team at Felix Doolittle.

Jean Gao


Jean is a former software developer who has been doodling in the margins of math papers since childhood. She’s now an illustration and design apprentice, as well as an artisan on the production team at Felix Doolittle. Jean sees art as a way to communicate with others, learn about herself, and simply have fun. Her work is guided by a serious addiction to webcomics, and all manner of visual storytelling.