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Calligraphy: Let’s Get Started | 2-Week | Adults

The Paper Mouse Atelier

Calligraphy: Let’s Get Started | 2-Week | Adults

$ 150.00

09/09/19 - 09/16/19 Mondays | 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Number of Sessions: 2
Age Group: Ages 18+
Price: $150
Level: Beginner
Instructor: Felix Fu

Get started in learning the basics about calligraphy with Felix as he reviews letter forms, different pen choices, inks, and papers, their usage, and how to get started in this new trend of writing beautifully. Felix will share his experience on how to avoid possible frustrations and tips to make practice more enjoyable. The class includes all the materials you’ll need to continue at home.

Each workshop includes:

  • 1 oblique pen holder
  • 2 nibs
  • 1 jar of custom mixed black ink by Felix
  • tracing paper & practice sheets
  • 2 master alphabet sheets with all 26 letters {upper & lowercase} plus numbers

Download at-home practice materials by clicking here. The zip file includes:

  • Three calligraphy line guides, with different writing angles. These sheets can be printed on letter size paper, and written on directly.
  • A line guide for writing in envelopes. You can print this sheet, insert it into your envelope, and use trace your letters over it.
  • A writing sample of Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees"

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