Spotlight: The Blackwing Pencil

Blackwing Pencils at The Paper Mouse

Blackwing pencils have had something of a cult following ever since Eberhard Faber produced the original Blackwing 602 pencil in the 1930’s. Animators, cartoonists and writers swore by this pencil, said to write with “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed.” When it was discontinued in 1998, disconsolate fans took to eBay to buy up all the Blackwings they could find, until 2010, when the Blackwing brand was revived by the Palomino pencil company. In addition to recreating the famous Blackwing 602, they created pencils with a range of harder and softer leads, suitable for artists, writers, musicians, and pencil fans of all stripes.

Blackwing pencils are prized for their high quality graphite that rarely breaks, incense-cedar wood that sharpens easily, and distinctive flat ferrule and rectangular eraser. (We particularly love the erasers, which are replaceable and can be extended as they wear down, with corners for erasing small details.) Longer than a typical pencil, they are particularly comfortable for drawing with.

In addition to their classic pencils, Blackwing creates notebooks, pencil cases and sharpeners to complement their writing tools. Perhaps most sought-after of all are their special limited edition pencils known as the Volumes series, with designs that celebrate cultural icons. Stay tuned for their latest limited edition pencil, the Blackwing Eras, in honor of their 10th anniversary. We’ll have it in the shop in just a few weeks!